Zhuldyz Koshpanova

Zhuldyz Koshpanova

Zhuldyz is:

  • Mindfulness teacher by Shamash Alidina training (100 hours), accredited by Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches.
  • Happiness coach by Berkeley Method of Well Being, California
  • Completed Chief Happiness Officer Academy by Woohoo Inc., Denmark.
  • Completed Delivering Happiness Bootcamp by Zappos.
  • Teacher in training at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute developed at Google, backed by Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Yoga teacher by Yoga First, 200 hours.

She presented at HR summit Expo 2018 in Dubai, UAE, Qatar Employees’ Engagement summit 2018 and World HRD summit, India.

Zhuldyz Koshpanova is a Chief Happiness and Mindfulness Officer of Happy Minds Life. Happy Minds Life is Partner of Delivering Happiness, USA to bring more passion, purpose, and profits to more teams. Happy Minds Life mission is to share with 1 million people tools to live happy and meaningful life

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