• How much is the entry fee?

Free however you just need to register your details on the website to claim your free entry ticket

  • Is there car parking onsite?


  • Is the festival available to everyone?

Yes there is no limit on age or fitness levels. The festival is open to everyone

  • What time is the festival open to each day?

The festival is open from 9am – 7pm both days

  • Do I Need to wear sports wear?

If you are planning to take part in any of the activities then you should come in your sportswear

  • Will I need to bring any money with me?

There will be plenty of food and drink to buy at the festival as well as many health and fitness products so yes it is advisable to bring some money with you

  • Are all the activities free at the festival?

Most of the activities are free however there will be some paid-for activities so make sure to bring some extra cash as you wouldn’t want to miss out

  • Do the vendors accept card?

It is advisable to bring cash as they may not accept card however

  • How do I find the most up to date information on the Family Fitness Festival?

Through website: www.fitfest.ae and our social networks. You can also sign up to our newsletter through the event website

  • I have a press enquiry, who do I contact?

Please visit our press page

  • Do children under 16 require a ticket to attend?

Children under 16 do not need to register however 16 and above all need to bring their free ticket with them

  • Are there any age limits?


  • Can I bring my own food and/or drink?

You will not be allowed to bring in any food and drink to the festival. There will be plenty to purchase on site

  • Can I leave the festival site and come back in?

Yes, you can leave the festival and come back in.

  • Are ATM facilities provided on site?

There are no ATMs available onsite and the nearest ATM is at Ikea

  • Is photography allowed at the event?

Yes, you can take photos or make videos at the event. Please note that any photos and videos taken by the organizers can be used to promote future events. Attending this event automatically gives your consent.

  • How do I sign up to the newsletter?

You can sign up here