With so many activities at the festival, you may want to take a break, relax and unwind.

Relaxation room

Do you ever find yourself being unable to relax? Life goes at a million miles an hour and before you know it the week has ended and you haven’t had any time to yourself. Your mind is on constant overdrive and you can’t switch off! You’re not alone as so many people don’t know how to relax and more importantly, don’t know the benefits of a little relaxation per day. At the festival ensure to take some time to visit the relaxation room! Leave your thoughts at the door, take a deep breath and even if it is just for half an hour immersive yourself into the tranquil peace and serenity of the relaxation room. Here you will learn to switch off, unwind and let your daily stresses float away.

Best Spas in the UAE

The UAE has some of the worlds most exquisite spas however we all know that spending a day in pure luxurious comfort comes at a price, so choosing the perfect spa can be difficult! Whether you are looking for a girly pamper day, the perfect facial, a nourishing body wrap or a traditional Arabian bath experience you can discover the perfect spa for you.  Expert therapists from the spas will also be on hand to invigorate your senses with sample treatments to suit your skin.



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